Sitemap - 2022 - Wisdom Bites

New Moon Mula

Endings informs beginnings...

New Moon + Winter Solstice

Full & Exalted Moon in Rohini

Jupiter Direct: Hope, Wisdom, Expansion in Pisces

Dark Devotion - Upcoming New Moon Anuradha

Mars Retrograde

The Elements

Total Lunar Eclipse - The Womb

Moon + Jupiter in Pisces

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Happy Halloween

The Roots

The feminine rising

Saturn Direct

Eclipse Season upon us

Return of the Light, Nyta Brooks

Omniscient Full Moon in Revati

Navratri inspiration

Sacred Partnership >> Transcendent & Victorious

Thursday is Jupiter's Day

Retrogrades & Ancestors

Full Moon in Purva Bhadrapada: The First Auspicious Step

Ekadashi & Discipline/Surrender


Jai Ganesha

Did you see that?

New Moon in Magha

Ancestors New Moon + Yogi Full Moon // Part I

The lighthouse

Shravana/Dhanishtha Full Moon

Listening & the Audience


Sunday: Sun's Day

Saturday: Saturn's Day

Friday: Venus' Day

Thursday: Jupiter's Day

Wednesday: Mercury's Day

Tuesday: Mars' Day

Monday: Moon's Day

Big Heart followup

A Big Heart

Quick check-in

Sacred Spaces Inner Retreat

Grass Growing

Full Moon Yin Yoga

Full Moon - Uttara Ashada (Punarvasu)

Holy Mother

Global Day of Forgiveness

On Deck: Guru Purnima Full Moon

Let freedom ring

All Ears


Speak. Support. Love. Repeat.

Roe v. Wade overturn decision


Accessing Core



Full Moon // Part 3 of Habits

Lotus Rising

Sound Immersion

Spiraling inward with new habits

Creating New Habits Part 2

A little fun

Where do we go from here?

Reiki // A Quick Case Study

Creating New Habits

Right Timing

Mars + Jupiter Swimming in Pisces

The Rooted One


Total Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon

Life Is Good

Happy Mother's Day

I have done love.

Take Action

Amazing Grace

Dawn is here.

Walking with the Divine

Merit of a Saint

Creating your reality

Past Wounds

Loving Myself

Driving Force

Personal Transformation

Integration Meditation

Full Moon in Chitra Saturday

Freedom: Jupiter in Pisces!!!

Listen, listen

Hope on the Horizon

Moon in Ardra

Reveal:Balance Lesson 6

Reveal:Balance Lesson 5

Reveal:Balance Lesson 4

Sound Immersion

Reveal:Balance Lesson 3

Reveal:Balance Lesson 2

Reveal:Balance Lesson 1

Beginnings // Revati


Online Restorative 6-7:30pm

Day 40: Closing the Practice

Day 38: A Lesson on Moksha (Surrender)

Day 36: Honoring Ancestors

Day 35

Day 34: Pranayama Practice

Day 33: Honoring Ancestors


Day 30

Day 29: In case you forgot why...

Day 28

Day 27: Honoring Ancestors

Day 26

Day 25: Write Your Mantra for Ancestors

Day 24

Day 23

Day 22: "Honoring" Restorative Yoga Series quietly launched

Tell Me Your Maternal Ancestry

Align: Day 21 Honoring Ancestors

Practice: Savasana 15 minutes

Honoring Ancestors Day 19

Align: Day 18 Honoring Ancestors

Practice: Peace Begins With Me (day 17)

Day 16

New Moon Reminder

Align: Day 15

Align: Day 14 of 40

Align: Day 13 (About Meditation)

Align: Day 12 Honoring Ancestors

Align: Day 11 Honoring Ancestors

Tell Me: Poll

Practice: Basic Meditation

Day 8: Astrological Update

Align: Honoring Ancestors Day 7

Align: Day 6

Align: Day 5 of 40 Day

Practice: Day 4 // Honoring Risk

Day 3: Tell Me

Practice: Day 2

Practice: 40 Days Honoring Ancestors

Align: Moon Wisdom

Align: Moon Wisdom + YFNS

Align: Moon Wisdom

Align: Moon Wisdom

Align: Moon Wisdom