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Welcome to
The Wisdom Sanctuary

rewriting our stories in a post pandemic culture

I am an apprentice of life… for life

We are on the downside of a two-year accumulation of not being able to move about and go to class and be in community. Instead, we soothed ourselves with free online masterclasses, paid high-end courses, binge watching, drinking and eating anything to get us through…

It's time to REWRITE the STORY


A well lived life

...I believe is found when focus is directed toward accepting one's inner wisdom, meeting oneself... and moving away from the striving of self-help, development, growth and getting somewhere.

What if...there is no where to go...?

Gather in community

Workshops and retreats  are a great place to start...let's get to know each other.

With me

I offer series of classes, drop-ins, workshops, etc. The best way is to explore this site but you can get a quick glimpse of what is going on by clicking to the calendar.


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With my friends

Specialized practices and discussions using creativity, mindfulness, and energetic alignments are now scheduled for 2022. I'm interested in moving out of the stressors incurred in 2020 and 2021 together, with ease. I bet you are, also.

Check it out!

Or at a retreat

A smaller fall retreat is underway Sept 30-Oct 2 at The Yoga Sanctuary.

And a bigger Spring Retreat in 2023 at Camp Mad Anthony Wayne, May 5-7, 2023.

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I’m Jenn Brooks, a restorative yoga & meditation teacher, Vedic astrologer, an awareness guide as you align with the foundational peace that you are. 

In 2022, I'm gathering a fellowship of apprentices...of life. Others, like me longing to live more in alignment, more with purpose.

If this is calling to you, join us in The Wisdom Workshops. The process of this apprenticeship that I mentioned above is wisdom awakening.

I use the word ‘wisdom’ not because I claim it, but my longing to be claimed by it. My longing to belong to it.


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