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I share ancient wisdom practices for a well lived modern life. These are practices that help answer 'Who am I' and 'What do I need?' in ever-deepening ways. Explore this site and learn more...

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"When you recognize the intimate bond you share with a distant star, you discover your dharma, the reason you were born. "

~Dr. Katy Jane (my teacher of Jyotisha & Sanskrit)

Do you ever reflect 'Who Am I?'

I help you discover and recognize your innate, most authentic nature, written at the time and location of your birth.

And wonder 'What Do I Need?'

I help you identify and learn to co-participate with the obstacles and repeating patterns that arise throughout your life.

Your Inner Sanctuary

I provide an online wisdom sanctuary with a sense of community and organized monthly practices supporting you in answering your inner calling so you can rise up and meet your destiny.

"The reading provided clarity to me ... the path I’m supposed to take. That I need to be in the world, to share myself, my thoughts, my heart. My artwork. There were many other cool things I learned, but this was the big one. I listened and I trusted that, and for some reason it really hit me today that every choice I’ve made with that in mind since has led me somewhere really perfect. I feel like I am taking a seat that has been waiting for me, pre-warmed and perfectly molded to my butt."

Sassa Wilkes
Artist, Shaman, Dragon Slayer

Work With Me

The three sister sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology (known as Jyotisha) work together to help you align with your truth and purpose. I invite you in to learn more about me and how I can help you align with your primary frequency.


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