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Mastering the Storm

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The Wintering Begins...

Home is where the heart is

Free Star Readings - Small Business Saturday

11:11 Touch 3 things and make a wish

A new karmic cycle

Embody the Light

Solar Eclipse with Chitra | The Brightest Star

New Moon with Chitra | The Brightest Star

The Brightest Star | Chitra

Reveal Light

Your Personalized Horoscope

Crowned Truth | Uttara Phalguni New Moon

Ashlesha New Moon

What are your highest/core values?

Small Group Mentoring

Division and Unification

Return of the Light | Return to the Heart

Full Moon Purva Ashada

Rahu and Ketu








Summer Solstice, New Moon, Musings

Revati | The Lighthouse

Uttara Bhadra | The Lucky Feet

Purva Bhadra | The Monk (The Saint)

Shatabishak | The 100 Healers

Dhanishtha | The Famous

Shravana | The Listener

Uttara Ashada | The Victorious

Purva Ashada | The Invincible

Mula | The Roots

Jyeshtha | The Authority (The Elder)

Anuradha | The Divine Friend

Vishakha | The New Path

Swati | The Independent One

Chitra | The Bright One

Hasta | The Hand

Uttara Phalguni | The Partnership

Purva Phalguni | The Procreation

Magha | The Magnificent

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Ashlesha | The Embracer

Pushya | The Mother

Punarvasu | The New Dawn

Ardra | The Storm

Mrigashira | The Search

Rohini | The Growing

Krittika | The Cutting of the Cord

Bharani | The Incubation

Ashwini | The Initiation

Starting Again Tomorrow + Recap

The Companion Blog for:

The Initiation

Total Eclipse of the {old} Voice

Times call for Radical Self Care

Upcoming Full Moon in Hasta | Virgo

New Moon in Pisces Uttara Bhadra

40 Days

Full Moon: Purva Phalguni | Leo

Jupiter in Aries - A New Cycle

A Time for Nourishment


Amazing Grace: Purpose

Surrender: Inner Child + Shadow Transformation + Spirituality

Let's Talk Relationships and Enjoyment

Ashlesha Cancer Full Moon

How Well Resourced Are You?

The Four Cornerstones

My Experiment: Gratitude vs. Disgust vs. Ignoring

Pressure release

New Moon Uttara Ashada


Holding Your Feet to the Fire

Full Moon 6:08pm tonight