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I have been meditating upon this for the past couple of weeks. I stand on the shoulders of my father, his mother, her father. There is much integrity and strengthen in this, but also pride to overcome. This pride to see myself as strong and dependable may also be the very thing keeping me from fully entering into my own life. It is something I am exploring.

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Every day as I practice my meditation, I express my gratitude for all those who provided my genetic make-up, and continuing opportunities. I imagine that even though their physical bodies have returned to the earth, their Eternal Selves are continuing their journeys and encouraging me on the way. If they are Conscious of our journey together, then they smile and whisper through the cosmic vibration, "keep up the good work and someday we will sit together and reflect." My ancestors have been folks who have fled from something and find it difficult to settle down. Some were very religious (Quakers) but it appears that many were more secular. But in any case, I believe that there has been a conscious effort to find their way to God. That is what they share with me. So I don't believe I really stand on their shoulders. It is more like a wonderful cloud of witnesses (as the Bible states).

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I stand on the shoulders of strong, resilient women who worked hard to maintain a cohesive family. I stand on the shoulders of men who worked hard to provide for their families. And I stand on the shoulders of people who saw the world through a lens of fear that there would not be enough, and they worked past exhaustion often trading time that might have been better spent connecting with the very people for whom they were working so hard. There is also a theme down the masculine side of my family that says, “I will work my ass off and I will never be enough!”

I stand on the shoulders of those who kept going so that I am here having the opportunity to heal our story for myself and those who stand on my shoulders.

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