Mar 16, 2022Liked by Jenn Brooks

The opinion piece was right on. It's something I struggle with at times, frequently unconsciously. When I can pull it to the conscious, it's eye opening. Her questions were spot on. Really, what difference does it make if everyone doesn't like me, agree with me, or is not interested in my interests? There are times, more often than I wish, that I find myself doubting my opinion, if someone I admire disagrees with it. I'm learning to stop, sit with it a minute and let it go. We both can be right, but again who cares! I think we'd all be so much happier if we could learn to not judge ourselves or others harshly just because we see the world differently. It takes a multitude of ideas and opinions for the world to function. Now, I still think I'm right about hurting children, old people, and animals. On that you make my "I'll stomp your ass list."

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