I like to wonder about things, and this morning I am wondering about meditation and something Jesus said, "Come unto me all you who labor and heavy laden and I will give you rest." Obviously he didn't mean just come and sit at his feet, although being in the presence of a "divine" figure creates peace. The statement is meant to inspire me to a better awareness of my spirituality. I expect we all have spirituality and in equal amounts. The difference is in how aware we are of being spiritual. This is where meditation comes into play. It is a process that helps me transcend the mind. To lay the thoughts about the past and the future aside and allow myself to be embraced by the Divine or to embrace the Divine - like the oceans surround and embrace the lands (I like that image). It is in that process, where I even cease to meditate, that I can find myself in awe of the Christ Consciousness, the expression of the Divine in all of creation. I can rest is the reality that this is all and I am an expression of the Divine.

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