Unleash Your Inner Wisdom

Welcome to my Wisdom Sanctuary. I'm all about accessing inner wisdom -- the deep, abiding truth waiting for your return home. 

The three Vedic sister sciences work together to help you align with your truth and purpose:
Jyotisha (astrology) illuminates the imbalances;
Ayurveda balances the body;
Yoga brings the mind and body into union with each other and ultimately with spirit so we may move forward on the path to aligning harmoniously with our essential Self.


Work with me one-to-one, as needed.

Sometimes, we are ready to only take that one next step. The Wisdom Session is a personalized Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) chart reading where we explore purpose, obstacles and more. Then following this initial session are coaching sessions for specific areas of life or general issues. Let's drill deep, dive into who you are, what you're here to learn and do...your destiny!

Work with me in group format, with online courses and in-person yoga classes and retreats.

Working together, with others, is one of the most effective ways of doing inner work. Others mirror our experience and give context. And there is just something extra comforting and magical when our nervous system gets the information that we are among friends and in safety.

Courses & Retreats

I'm Jenn...

The roles I play:
  • Agent of Peace
  • Jyotishi - Vedic Astrologer
  • Yoga practitioner with a decade of teaching
  • Wayfinder/Guide:
    Transparency/Awareness Coach and 
    Ayurveda Wellness Coach
  • Friend in Growth
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Why I Share This Wisdom

I've been there done that. I do not say this with arrogance. I say it with deep humility. I struggle.  I fail…a lot. But I keep rising back up and going back into the heat of transformation and change.

The core of who I am wants to shine a light on the path in front of you. It propels me to help others answer the two big questions: Who Am I and What Do I Need?

Aligning with your destiny, your dharmic path answers the question, “Who Am I?”  Learning about the patterns of your life, your obstacles and recurring patterns helps you learn how to co-participate with these cycles and make better choices that steer you toward a complete, fulfilled and happy life experience. “What Do I Need?” is our remedy, our mode of co-participation, our doing something different than the rut of the pattern we are in.

Once we begin to find this kind of clarity of Who I Am and What Do I Need, we can sincerely step into our sadhana, our spiritual practices, that support us. My program is designed to give you a monthly sadhana based on the lunar cycles, planetary transits and rhythms of nature that guide you on the When, Where and How

And the Why? Well, that is up to you, really. But I will say this on the Why?

Science proves that all acts, big or small, have an effect. Our times call for Karma Yoga, the yoga of action, of righteous action. We all need to step into our sovereignty and accept radical self-responsibility and create the world we want. Be the change we wish to see. Together.

The Wisdom Sanctuary is our sacred container. Our golden womb. Our Hiranya Garbha. I welcome you to enter into this space and connect with your inner sacredness and divinity sincerely and gently.

Let your flame continue growing and shining brightly.

New Things Are On the Horizon

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