Wisdom Workshops

a community emerging in a post pandemic culture


Jenn Brooks, Creatrix of the Wisdom Workshops

I am an apprentice of life… for life.

We are on the downside of a two-year accumulation of not being able to move about and go to class and be in community. Instead, we soothed ourselves with free online masterclasses, paid high-end courses, binge watching, drinking and eating anything to get us through…


The  accumulation needs to be digested so that the useless and unworthy is eliminated and the useful becomes the nectar that allows us to be more resilient…more immune.

I’m creating a fellowship of apprentices this year. For those yearning to be in alignment, those who are sharing a practice and those who are joining the practice. I’m calling this the Wisdom Workshops. Continue reading below to hear about what others are bringing to the table.

I am offering up a monthly date night Couples Yoga for you and your partner or best friend or whoever you like to hang with.

Also, in Diving Deeper into Yoga workshops we will explore movement through hands-on assistance, hone in on the 1:1 relationship, focusing on the subtle/energetic realm -  learning to see and be seen. This is for practitioners and students alike. (Continuing Education units through the Yoga Alliance will be an option, with required homework.)

You can also expect a few special events this year, including the Purpose Retreat in January and the Retreat Under the Stars weekend adventure at Camp Mad Anthony Wayne in October.

The process of this apprenticeship that I mentioned above is wisdom awakening. I use the word ‘wisdom’ not because I claim it, but my longing to be claimed by it. My longing to belong to it.

Nichole Webb
Moving Through...Emotional Self Care

I am a deeply sensitive seeker of wisdom.

For the past 20 years, in my profession as a psychotherapist, I have been a holder of stories and a facilitator of great insights.

I collaborate with my clients to build emotional resilience and find greater levels of self acceptance and inner peace. We do this by healing old wounds and trauma as well as, soothing the nervous systems, which can be frayed by life experiences and overbusied existence. Our goal is to align with a new perspective and live a more fully engaged life.    

The medicine I share is also the medicine I need and have needed most of my life.

Early in my career, I realized that talk therapy alone wasn’t going to be enough.  This aha, along with being an anxious, stressed, self-employed, wife and mother to two young daughters led me to the practices of yoga, mindfulness and expressive arts. Then...the fruits of my own inner transformation began to show up in the ways I was assisting others. I continue my inner discoveries and the way I show up with my clients continues to deepen and expand. 

In 2022, I will be leading nine workshops at The Wisdom Sanctuary called Moving Through…Emotional Self Care.  Each workshop is crafted with tools, such as breathing, yoga, guided imagery and expressive arts to help navigate strong emotions, while also staying embodied and creating greater resilience for life.

You can work with me individually in my private practice, Livewell Counseling in downtown Huntington, where I provide counseling and psychotherapy, including trauma healing EMDR.  Please note my availability is limited and there may be a wait list. 

Jennifer McComas
Parenting & Grandparenting Workshops 

Using skills and knowledge gained through my own transformation toward authentic connection and healing, I’m honored to stand side-by-side with others in support and solidarity. I offer guidance in exploring limiting beliefs about the self and the world around us. 

In my workshop offerings, I will help you connect to your own inner child and remind you of how nourishing it is to play as you journey through life. Innate play, enhanced by my years as an elementary school teacher and now a school counselor, transIates now as helping parents and grandparents connecting with and supporting the children that look to them for support.

Lacey Connelly
Restorative Yoga Workshops 

My workshops are a chance to practice with like-souled individuals for whom returning to "normal" is just not good enough. We work with our thoughts and feelings through conversation and journaling exercises designed to reconnect us with our deeper energies, then we physically reset our nervous systems by working with the breath and the body in a restorative yoga practice. My students leave our time rested, recharged, and ready to bring the practices into their daily lives. 

The work I lead is deeper than surface level. I am tired of people asking the question "how are you" and expecting the easy answer of "fine." If you are too, then join me as I teach my students new ways of preparing to be and do in this "after" world. 

Mary Jo Perdue
Reiki I, II, III Attunements

Reiki paved a pathway for me to reclaim my life. Let me share a little about what I mean...

In 2007, I needed a boost. My life had become stressful and the demands on my finances and time were at an all-time high. I felt disillusioned with my job and just when I thought that I could no longer sustain this fast pace, synchronicity brought me to my first Reiki Master. Over the next four years I studied under three Reiki Masters which allowed me the great honor to use the title Reiki Master/Teacher after my name.

Reiki continues to be life-changing for me in everything I do. The stressors and challenges of being human are ever-present and now I have a method that helps me cope with pressure and anxiety in a healthy and constructive way. I find peace in the mundane and have developed a deeper connection to God. I have also learned to forgive…both myself and others…for past and present transgressions.

The process is simple, and I will walk with you, by your side, step by step. I will share with you how to live a Reiki lifestyle without any guilt of betraying your own conventions. Reiki is compatible with all belief systems and is never harmful.

It was Reiki that taught me to love myself again. And it is Reiki that still allows me to share and teach this modality to others who are also needing a boost.

Are you ready to rediscover yourself? I invite you to step onto this path and learn to practice Reiki with me. 

About Reiki: Reiki requires no special skillset or equipment. It is a technique that can be learned in a short period of time…by anyone, at any age and any educational level.

The program I teach is crafted into three levels, and each of these three levels includes three workshops, with no more than one workshop per month.

-Level I is designed for self-care

-Level II is for working with others
(3 consecutive workshops – May, June, July 2022)

-Level III is for serious practitioners who want to pass on this knowledge and the tradition of Reiki to their community
(3 consecutive workshops – fall of 2022)

At the end of each level is a certificate that is earned by practicing the hands-on skills and demonstrating the basic tenants of Reiki. Please note that the certification track is not a requirement of this course. You may simply come to listen and learn about another culture, a new perspective on health.

To book the certification track, please schedule for all three workshops by clicking here. To learn more about Reiki as a novice, the informational only portions of the Reiki workshops are available on Zoom (the first 75-90 minutes of class). The experiential attunements are only available in-person.

Love from Participants

 "I very much enjoyed the sound bath. It was a very different kind than I am used to and more participatory. One of the most useful things I got out of it is the importance of the voice and embodying one's voice physically by using it! Thank you."

"I had the best weekend!!!!!  I just feel good all over.  Inside and out!  Your classes, sound immersion, and Nicole's Self Care workshop."

"...Sassa, what can I say besides she is amazing... She is so full of honesty and wisdom. I learn a lot each time she does her sound baths. They are so relaxing, centering, and grounding.

Nichole's class today was wonderful, too. Her expertise is so helpful. I can feel her compassion and honesty in her offerings. I came away with several things I can do that will help my self care and mental health care. 


It’s such a nice variety you are offering. This was a nice way to start my year."

"I'm not sure where to post this, but am trembling with humbling gratitude right now.

There have been a few times in my life when my soul has been touched. I do not make this statement lightly or whimsically. I mean that I've been touched, to the core of my being.

The first time was years ago when in deep thought and prayers, an undeniable warmth from the universe and embraced me, held me. Believed that I would never know that euphoric embracing freedom again.

Jenn Brooks opened a window to myself that will never be closed again. Sometimes the breeze flowing through it may be gentle, may be still, may be stormy - the window will stay open. Through Jenn Brooks' wisdom and the gathering and creating a community of wise people who have created amazing workshops - my soul has again been touched - not once, but twice thus far in 2022. I have experienced; I have witnessed; I been rocked, I have been cradled; I have been shaken to the core.

Sassa Wilkes, "Healing Sound Bath" on Saturday and Nichole Remus Webb "Moving Through...Emotional Self Care" both ignited a craving to discover more of myself through an open window. I've learned that sound is grounding. Be it a grunt, a song, a chant, it is a rootedness that transcends all - especially when being shared openly, without thought, without judgement. I opens the soul. It frees the soul.

Nichole Remus Webb too, had me weeping with gratitude during the workshop she presented today. Through a simple dance prayer, (a devotion to oneself), I found a light, a lightness, a joy, an appreciation for me. That light had faded, the window had closed.

Thank you all for allowing me to experience some of my best days with you. For with you, I know my best are still to come.

Some people may feel it necessary to travel in order to find their light, their purpose. I assure you, people from all over should travel here and meet MY PEOPLE! Jenn Brooks, Sassa Wilkes, Nichole Remus Webb."

"I really loved this workshop.  It really did move my understanding of the chart to an experiential understanding…a more felt sense.  I like how the wheel moves all the details toward the center-toward “Me.”

And the sound bath was a great way to help release what’s not serving me and integrate what is.

Thank you for all the love and energy you put into this.  And thank Sassa for sharing their vulnerability in the learning in such an open and caring way.  It truly shifts one into a state of embracing one’s own vulnerability."

"What a great kick-off. I cannot wait to experience the many wonderful offerings that are planned for this year.❤"

A collaborative offering as we emerge from our cocoon...  

A thought I had was, "Wow...I need a well-rounded approach to emerging from 2020-2021 pandemic"...

...and it dawned on me - I bet you do, too.

You might have heard that I have amazing friends with gifts, skills and talents...and wisdom and I've been leaning on them for the past two years, subtly. Now it is time for us to open our circle wider and invite in our community, safely...and gather in circle, virtually and in-person, to spread our wings.

From this intention birthed the offering of Wisdom Workshops

Most weekends, you will find a workshop that supports the whole person, including:
-community care
-yoga stretching & movement
-mindfulness & meditation
-establishing personal wholeness
-sound bath events
-reiki energy healing
-emotional self care
-and more...

I've been working on gathering a collective of practitioners since I became a yoga teacher. And finally, I'm sharing them to you.

Read their bios below, get to know them and sign up for your first workshop.