Ready to instill a solid personal practice and learn to share your own wisdom? Keep exploring...

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Ready to instill a solid personal practice and learn to share your own wisdom? Keep exploring...

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I've got a lot to share with you. 

If you are reading this, maybe you are being called to get serious about your inner discipline, your spiritual practice, or simply your mindfulness or meditation practice. If this resonates, please keep reading.

I'm gathering a small cohort of individuals who are:

1) ready to commit to and deepen their meditation practice,

2) ready to hone the wisdom revealed to them through practice into an offering in the world {yoga, massage, art, being a leader of some sort}, and

3) desirous and willing to be accountable to and hold the others in the cohort accountable.

If all of this resonates for you, keep reading, we're getting warmer.

This Wisdom Revealed kula is for those ready, willing and able to commit to practice and commit to sharing their own wisdom revealed. 

The expectations are that you will:

1) meditate every single day for 20 minutes and building toward 30-45 minutes, or more

2) that you will offer to your cohorts support that may look like holding space for group meditation practice, especially for those not able to hold themselves accountable yet

3) that you share an offering once per month such as a yoga practice, a meditation practice, an art class, a journaling lesson, a business lesson...whatever it is that you are skilled in, even if you are developing skill

4) that you attend 80% or more of the lessons offered by Jenn, mostly we gather on Saturdays, once per month - I will do my best to organize a calendar ahead of time and it is your job to do your best to make it work, 

and also attend most of the classes by your cohorts

5) you are willing to sacrifice in other areas of life to prioritize this kula

6) participate fully, including reading or listening to book recommendations

The rewards/results are:

1) you have a safe container to explore, ask questions, be seen in your becoming

2) an opportunity to co-teach with me if/when ready

3) an opportunity to mentor the next incoming cohort

4) practicing and learning to share deeply healing techniques, if you so choose to share (it is possible these are just for your own growth and healing, but possibly you'll find ways to share)

I'm taking 6 individuals, by offer and application only. If you wish to be considered (and I didn't reach out to you personally), email me a summary of why you feel this is the right program and right time for you and we will meet. 

Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
May all beings, standing together united, be happy and free


PS...we start in January 2022.

Ready to take the next step?

Message me your summary of why you want this and how you plan to make it a priority and then I will schedule a 1:1 with you.


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