Stop the recurring patterns and move forward with presence.
This is the complement to the Reveal:Purpose course.
Course starts January 1, 2022.


"Why am I like this?"

"Why does this always happen to me?"

If you ever feel like your life is a broken record...

Or like your whole life has unfolded in a certain way as a result of one mistake or one undesired event...

If you yearn for the state of peace, contentment, and calm problem-solving,
If you desire confidence but always feel like you're grasping for control in order to reach that feeling of steadiness...
If you've tried yoga & meditation and you've benefited from them but you're still stuck in a place where you feel like something is missing...

You're in the right place. Welcome. I invite you to keep exploring and keep spiraling inward.

In Reveal:Patterns, you'll learn how to:

  • Have a deeper connections with your authenticity and innate nature: Deep knowing
  • Be more resilient: tap into your inner immunity that supports you in your work with negative feelings
  • Empower yourself to care for and honor your vitality: your body and your own energy container
  • Be proud of your investment in your most valuable asset: your own well-being and understanding that "I'm worth it!"
  • Create a roadmap that you can use over and over again during your evolution
  • Feel familiar with your personal astrology in a way that helps you feel grounded through all of life's twists and turns...and also gives you some much-needed perspective on events of the past that still haunt you.

Reveal:Patterns a course on recurring, habitual patterns is perfect for you if:

  • You are deeply curious about your inner workings
  • You've been searching for answers, putting pieces of the puzzle together but still feel a little lost
  • You're ready to dive in for another round of discovery
  • You can devote about an hour a week plus 10-minutes per day for inner reflection
  • You are motivated and ready
  • You have an attitude of, "I'm worth it" (or you're willing to get there)

How Reveal:Patterns Works:

  • Basic: 9 self-paced lessons, dripped weekly to your inbox (15-40 minute each)
    Course starts January 1, 2022


  • Guided option includes the self-paced course as well as 2 online mini-retreats, and 1 intensive weekend retreat (all three via Zoom livestream) with a creative project. Also included is a Facebook Group for questions and collaboration.
    Sat Jan 22 10-12:30pm
    Sat Feb 19 10-12:30pm
    Mar 5-6, 10-3pm 
    All recorded with access.
    These retreats are where we will dive deeper into questions, inquiries and practices to help embody our discoveries and dreams.
    An art supply list will be provided in advance for March 5-6 retreat.

  • For both options, handouts, visual resources, recommendations will all be found in the course platform.

Vern McNear

I believe that your content and your spirit combined with the desire of the seeker makes this a journey that many will want.


Mary Jo Perdue

Jenn, Wow, I gained so much perspective through this course! What I used to think of as a series of misfortunes, I now realize truly were opportunities for me to grow and have directly led me to this present time. Learning about my natal chart has also given me retrospective insight about choices I have made throughout my life.


Rhonda (Mom)

Wow! If I had access to this healing modality earlier, it would have been life changing for me (I had to learn the hard way). This program provided clarity in so many areas of my past life, things I need to make peace with but hadn't been able to yet. Doing this inner work, journaling, reflecting, a little bit each week, gave me insight that I just couldn't see until it was out of my head and on paper in front of my. I'm in awe that my strength and weakness potential was determined by the time and location of my birth, my GPS. I cannot wait to go on to the next step. I love you!

Brooke Mullins

Taking the Revealing Patterns course has been a wonderfully eye-opening experience. It helped me look at certain aspects in the timeline of my life to identify pre-set patterns I was meant to journey through emotionally, to put the puzzle pieces together of why certain things happened the way they did, and to find the presence to see the lesson I was meant to learn. This course helped me put those puzzle pieces into a full HD color picture to help me gain a better understanding of
who I am, to change my perspective of the guilt of past trials and failures to gratitude of a lesson learned, and the direction to see where I can actively work to achieve the inner peace I have been searching for blindly in the past.

Ms. C.

Learning more about my story has made me curious to know more. It has helped me focus on the positives as I work my way through the obstacles. It has allowed me to hit pause without regret. The ancients have a lot of knowledge to share with us. Jenn, thanks to you for helping me learn and inwardly digest these mysteries.

Debbie McComas

The Revealing Patterns Course was so well organized in bite sized pieces that I could digest, rather than be overwhelmed on this journey. Curiosity drew me to this course, more than understanding in Eastern Astrology. I tend to be a very logical thinker, but curious at the same time. I was struck over and over again how many things in my chart aligned perfectly with my experiences and my search for answers. Jenn helped to unravel the patterns in my life choices as I began to see how my birth chart and events in my life align. Starting with why my core emotional state and other things that affect my decisions and reactions, I began seeing repeating patterns. Awareness of these patterns is helping me have a better understanding of myself and my relationships with others. It helps me to create a pause rather than unconsciously react, as I see how
events in my past can still be affecting my reactions and decisions in the present. I’m looking forward to diving deeper in these courses, learning to become more aware of who I am and learning how to see and understand these patterns in my life. As I better understand and process my experiences, the easier it is to be present in my spiritual and physical life.

Jerry Coleman

I believe Self Awareness must precede Self Actualization.  This experience and working with my chart have been a big help in developing greater self-awareness. From experience and observation, I have long felt that astrology had a degree of validity in pinpointing forces/energies at play in our lives and the universe.  The Western chart had me in Libra on the cusp with Virgo. This system, placing me in Scorpio, seems much more accurate.  The patterns that I’m seeing here seem to correspond well with who I feel I am and with decisions I’ve made, positive or not so positive, over the years. I believe I can see where the pull was stronger by certain energies at certain times of my life. Presence for me is the great task of being in the here and now, focused on this exact moment.  Having a greater understanding of some of the forces at play in my life and in this universe at any given moment is a goal worth pursuing.

Willingness, Courage or Trust?

Just one is enough to take that first step. Join me!

I'm ready