Introducing REVEAL:
Awakening to Your Purpose

A self-paced process for dialing in on your purpose in life.

I Need This!!!

"I feel unsure about my life path and think I should be going in a different direction."

"What is my purpose?"

"When xxx happens, I light up and I want to feel that way more of the time!"


This time of year, as every autumn approaches and summer starts to fade as the nights become cooler and longer, these are the inner questions and longings that arise.

There's the back to school feel in the air and a subtle aching in my joints that has the flavor of the growing pains I had as a young girl... Haircuts and new wardrobes use to do the trick and pacify that longing, but now I go below that surface to see what is truly beckoning me.

I have that urge to break out of the boundary of this self-imposed cocoon once again, and to become a butterfly. Is it just me? Or does this resonate for you, as well?

...Imagining new possibilities for my life...

These are the type of longings that drive me to be more myself and not what I've settled for.

If you are the type of person that has these desires arise, you probably love modalities such as the Enneagram or Myers Briggs personality profiles or you love end-of-year and New Year New You (I detest this phrase) planning and dreaming of what is possible, then...

You're in the right place. Welcome. I invite you to keep exploring and keep spiraling inward.


In Reveal:Purpose, you'll:

  • Learn about the four desires of life and recognize how they work in your life based on your birthtime: The desires are: Purpose, Resources, Happiness and Freedom. To live a fulfilled life, we need to welcome and embody all four desires.
  • Learn work with your Roots and Fruits: Our roots are our foundation that everything is built upon. Without strong roots, the flower will not bloom and produce fruit. Through these weekly lessons, you'll learn about roots and how to honor and strengthen your foundation.
  • Recognize your evolutionary emergence: Some of us are more set at a default of Self-interested, or Other-interested or Collective-interested. You will learn to recognize this and how to start finding balance between the three. 
  • Be proud of your investment in your most valuable asset: your own well-being and understanding that "I'm worth it!"
  • Create a roadmap that you can use over and over again during your evolution.
  • Feel familiar with your personal astrology in a way that helps you feel grounded through all of life's twists and turns...and also gives you some much-needed perspective on events of the past that attributed to where you are today. We must understand Point A, honor it, in order to get to Point B.

Awakening to Your Purpose is perfect for you if:

  • You are deeply curious about your inner workings
  • You've been searching for answers, putting pieces of the puzzle together but still feel a little lost
  • You love New Year resolutions, setting intentions, making plans, learning about Enneagram and other self-knowledge modalities
  • You're ready to dive in for another round of discovery
  • You can devote about an hour a week plus 10-minutes per day for inner reflection
  • You are motivated and ready
  • You have an attitude of, "I'm worth it" (or you're willing to get there)
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Basic Reveal:Purpose

$108 one time


  • The basic, self-guided course access for 108 days from start date 
  • $1 per day investment in yourself and a process that allows clear-seeing to emerge and understanding of your deeper purpose being revealed bit by bit
This is an obvious YES!!!

Let's get to know each other. 

I'm Jenn Brooks.

As long as I can recollect, I’ve been going through one metamorphosis to another. 

When I was a child, this would happen through many moves and changes of school. As I grew into my early adulthood, the many moves from home to home also included changes of jobs, husband, friends and identity.

As I approached midlife, the metamorphosis happened in a more subtle realm. 

When I saw this pattern, I began to see its beauty, its ever-deepening spiral inward so I could begin to access gifts of the archetypal energy I uniquely channel and transmit.

We all have this.

Some of us recognize it and bring it into our experience. Others are lost in a cloud of confusion and self-doubt, trying to fix our “problems,” always wondering, “why am I like this?” or “why does it have to be this way?” 

My role is as a guide, someone who lights the path as you gently continue spiraling deeper into this realm of introspection and self-inquiry, Who Am I?

What is Vedic Astrology?

Jyotisha, also known as Vedic Astrology, is a form of astrology that dates to maybe 7,000 years BCE. It is based on 27 archetypal energies that have many gifts, each being immensely powerful. 

At the time of our birth, each of us aligned with a primary archetypal energy as well as others, creating a unique profile called…you

With life and nurturing, we lose touch with this, yet we can still feel our innate qualities beckoning to us to return and claim back our authenticity. 

This creates confusion. We begin a journey of seeking.

A common thread that runs through the continuity of the people I work with is this: They are not new to this process of inner excavation to know thyself

Inner understanding leads to one big aha: This is not who I am…ultimately

Each of us is at a different point in our discovery process, as there are so many nuances, nooks and crannies to investigate.

Each of these is a breadcrumb leading us deeper inward on this spiral staircase to understanding of our innate nature, reclaiming our authenticity abandoned years ago. Read more here...

"I listened... I trusted...
I landed somewhere perfect"

The work with Jenn provided clarity to me ... the path I’m supposed to take. That I need to be in the world, to share myself, my thoughts, my heart. My artwork. There were many other cool things I learned, but this was the big one. I listened and I trusted that, and for some reason it really hit me today that every choice I’ve made with that in mind since has led me somewhere really perfect. I feel like I am taking a seat that has been waiting for me, pre-warmed and perfectly molded to my butt.
– Sassa Wilkes – Artist, Shaman, Dragon Slayer

Vern McNear

I believe that your content and your spirit combined with the desire of the seeker makes this a journey that many will want.


Mary Jo Perdue

Jenn, Wow, I gained so much perspective through this course! What I used to think of as a series of misfortunes, I now realize truly were opportunities for me to grow and have directly led me to this present time. Learning about my natal chart has also given me retrospective insight about choices I have made throughout my life.


Rhonda (Mom)

Wow! If I had access to this healing modality earlier, it would have been life changing for me (I had to learn the hard way). This program provided clarity in so many areas of my past life, things I need to make peace with but hadn't been able to yet. Doing this inner work, journaling, reflecting, a little bit each week, gave me insight that I just couldn't see until it was out of my head and on paper in front of my. I'm in awe that my strength and weakness potential was determined by the time and location of my birth, my GPS. I cannot wait to go on to the next step. I love you!

Brooke Mullins

Taking the Purpose course has been a wonderfully eye-opening experience. Western culture makes us believe that our soul purpose in life is our career - how we make money and contribute to society monetarily. Oftentimes I've told myself that my purpose will be realized when a certain goal I had set for myself was achieved, but when I got there, a longing remained, unfulfilled. Through this course, I began to recognize my soul purpose, as it was revealed, lessons I've learned make much more sense from this new perspective and I have a great hope of being able to align to my purpose more and more and help others along the way.


Ms. C.

Learning more about my story has made me curious to know more. It has helped me focus on the positives as I work my way through the obstacles. It has allowed me to hit pause without regret. The ancients have a lot of knowledge to share with us. Jenn, thanks to you for helping me learn and inwardly digest these mysteries.

Angie Smith

Being lead each week to create this structure on paper and slowly build on it really helped me understand my own chart in a much deeper way.  I had a number of moments where things clicked for me and gave me more assurance that I am on the right track with life goals I have set for myself.  I thoroughly enjoyed this journey of self-discovery and I really appreciate Jenn for all the wisdom she shared, as well as her own journey, and most of all for creating such a great course!


Jerry Coleman

I believe Self Awareness must precede Self Actualization.  This experience and working with my chart have been a big help in developing greater self-awareness. From experience and observation, I have long felt that astrology had a degree of validity in pinpointing forces/energies at play in our lives and the universe.  The Western chart had me in Libra on the cusp with Virgo. This system, placing me in Scorpio, seems much more accurate.  The patterns that I’m seeing here seem to correspond well with who I feel I am and with decisions I’ve made, positive or not so positive, over the years. I believe I can see where the pull was stronger by certain energies at certain times of my life. Presence for me is the great task of being in the here and now, focused on this exact moment.  Having a greater understanding of some of the forces at play in my life and in this universe at any given moment is a goal worth pursuing.

Willingness, Courage or Trust?

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