Yoga: Rest + Repair

radically care for yourself

Not since the 40's have our nervous systems been so stressed.

And even in those times of war and unrest...we all had each other.

This time, we've been alone.

Ready to find yourself again?

Ready to stop?
Re-evaluate who you are and what you're doing here?
...dust off and prepare to FLY again?

Consider this your 'Adult Time Out.'

I call this the Radically Caring For YOURSELF series

Join me for this weekly nervous system reset using the techniques of:

-restorative yoga
-guided relaxation
-and masterful yoga nidra

Commit to your own vitality rebound...put your oxygen mask on first and then do your thing. When we touch into to our essential self, vitality returns. These practices are about restoring that connection.

This is The 8-Limbed Practice of Yoga, comprised of the 8 stairsteps leading toward a more whole version of you.

Restorative Yoga poses are relaxing, gentle opening poses usually done on the ground supported with blankets and bolsters to facilitate deep rest in the mind and body. My style combines gentle, joint-mobilizing practices, slow-moving and long-held standing and floor poses and ending with several restorative poses and long guided relaxation. It is a time-proven method to gain vitality as you connect to your inner realm.

I'll guide you in mindful breathing practices and poses you can pull out of the bag whenever you need them.

Options for In-Person at The Yoga Sanctuary
Restorative Yoga for Chronic Conditions
All floor poses, deeply resting on earth with support of bolsters, blankets and being guided into deep relaxation. We will start with some light stretching. Perfect for anyone with joint immobility, dealing with chronic conditions such as autoimmune or cancer, anyone who needs a time out from stress and time for recovery and intimacy with their inner sanctuary.

12-class series for the price of 9-class series as I introduce it back post-Covid. $225

The following Tuesdays 1:30-3pm:
June 7, 14, 21
July 12, 19, 26
August 9, 16, 23
September 6, 13, 20

The "off" weeks will be used for make-ups if classes need to be cancelled, due to weather or other reasons.

 During the 1st, 2nd & 3rd weeks April-June
Tuesdays 3:30pm Gentle Yoga for Back Pain, Core Strength & Stability for inner and outer alignment (SERIES FULL)

 Tuesdays 6:00pm Restorative Yoga mixed with "Honoring" Ritual-based classes for deep rest and spiritual attunement (SERIES FULL)

Asana Clinics
Occasional Saturdays - we investigate categories of poses, are challenged, maybe get sweaty a bit, and learn the next step or how to modify.
$25/class Sign up here for asana clinics


Options for Online
Active/Chair Class Mondays 11am-noon weekly
$15/class Sign up here for online class

See the Class Calendar for specific dates.

Sign-up options:

1:30-3pm Restorative Yoga Series
3 Tuesdays in June, July, August & September



Asana Clinics
As Available





Online Only 
11am each Mon 
6pm Tue/Thur occasionally