Limited Offer For Summer

Use personal astrology to help align with your purpose and honor your mission in life. OR...create momentum as you start that new class.

  • Each month I'll share some key astrological support for you to consider when:
    -launching a class/course
    -marketing posts, emails
    -scheduling your week
  • Theme of inquiry/work:
    June: As Is (where are you in process?)
    July: Possibility (your dream), aligning to your rhythms
    August: Taking Action (committing to next steps), aligning to nature's rhythms
  • Together, we will meet on Zoom the 2nd Weds each month at 11am (6/9, 7/14 & 8/11)
    90 minute session
  • I will record and have replay available!
  • $99 for series
Claim Your Seat!!