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Where is God found?

Dec 20, 2021

I've been simmering with this thought today, maybe I've been dreaming it... 

It has something to do with:
-where is God?
-what is Love?

Most of my ahas happens in the dream realm or the bathtub... in the past few days, my brother visited me and it seemed to be the one and only time he plans to visit me from the other side during this lifetime. It felt complete. I was crying and asking him why, we were dancing at my sister's wedding but that didn't feel like this lifetime. He said, to quote: "Sis, I don't know. It was late. And I like it." Not... I liked it, but that he 'likes' it. He is happy where he is now. That brings great peace to me. I needed to hear this from him. It's been fifteen months and no word. And now, peace.

(although I'm still wondering what 'it was late' is about, was he past due and sticking around for other reasons, like his children?...)

But this has me considering more than ever this thing I like to reflect on...which is about God and Love and Relationships. I'll just share my musings and you can take some of it or all of it or leave it.

One thing I've come to understand through my experience is that God is everywhere, through everything, nothing is not God. It's all God and always there. It's never not there or here. And it is only through relationship, a subject and an object, a you and a me, a watcher and the watched that Love becomes reality. Felt. Experienced. Alive.

Otherwise, it is God, dormant, waiting to be seen and invited in.

In yoga and Eastern philosophies we have this idea of Prana, which is our vitality, our life force energy. Without prana we are dead... all of us reading this have prana. Prana rides on the current of our relaxed, accepting, wide awareness. Our loving awareness. Whatever I give my attention to, whether my brother or the television show I'm watching, or my family members...whenever I'm receiving them into my relaxed awareness, that is love. It is all around us just waiting for two dots to connect so prana can flow between the two things.

For me that is God. The prana flowing between subject and object, the this and the that, becoming one.

They are always here, those past and current.

It is the function and quality of mind that lets us feel and know. But the mind needs to be curious, receptive and not restricted, tight, judgmental and all-knowing... which seems to be the state of our world of late.

I don't know why I feel compelled to share this today, at Solstice. I think this whole year since last Solstice has been about completing some sort of cycle. When the nights are long and the light is limited, it makes us dive in to see what is at the root of it. Sun is with Mula - the roots, the rooted one, my natal Sun is with Mula and this feels like home to me. Going deep and, with a prayer and hope, returning with a nugget of gold.


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