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A Once in a Lifetime Winter Solstice

Dec 19, 2020
Winter Solstice Christmas Star

Every year, from the darkest point there is a rebirth of light. 

This appears to be even more true, this year of 2020. Consistently throughout this year we've roller-coastered down to the depths, we've witnessed social inequalities, we've had to physically distance ourselves from others, we've lost family and friends and our innocence. We've had to travel down many paths, in solitude yet solidarity, that challenge our fears, our safety, our security and the grand finale of the darkness so far seems to have been the solar eclipse on December 14th that is nudging us ever so ungently to dive deep within. It seems there has been no other choice but to embrace the darkness or to suffer the darkness that is hidden in the reserves of the deep well within ourselves, our communities, our culture and in our secret, unspoken agreements.

Now the light returns. Once again. 

Fire is an elemental transformation. It creates comforts and warmth, it feeds and nourishes; it takes the thing we once were and through its alchemical processes melds us into something more useable. After the long journey from the summer solstice to the winter solstice, when we arrive to this point, we are longing for fire, for transformation and to be transformed. The sun is reborn from our darkest days.

Having the fire of a candle burning or our home hearth ablaze awakens this in us, this yearning for being transformed. The fire element inside of us "feels" it is being called home. This inner flame wants to merge with its mother fire, to merge back into wholeness.

Let your solstice practice honor fire, honor transformation, honor becoming renewed. Have candles around your home. The light helps to awakens the yearning for transformation, that desire to be transformed into something useful for the good of all.

Solstice happens and the light begins to make its return and in doing so, that which we've offered up to be burned upon the light of transformation clears a pathway for something new and light inside of us to begin to fill us.

There is also a biorhythm that the solstice brings that attunes our inner clock to this evolution. We know its time to hibernate, to go within, to plant that seed in the newly fertilized soil in our depths that can bring forth shoots and emerge from the underground.

This particular return of the light, Winter Solstice, includes a special conjunction that happens not even once in a lifetime but it is happening in our lifetime. It is the phenomenal conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at the same degree and this conjunction makes them appear as one giant star that some refer to as The Christmas Star or the Star of Bethlehem. There are many layers to this event that make this extra intriguing and extra powerful.

I wish you time to allow yourself to go deep within your depths, to let go of a piece of your story that you've been carrying with you for eons and allow this return of the light to fill that space. That's the practice. I hope you join in with us or on your own.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti (Om Peace, Peace, Perfect Peace) can sign up for my free online retreat on December 21st at 6:30pm at

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