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Waiting on the World to Change

Nov 02, 2020

That John Mayer song keeps replaying in my mind… ‘waiting…waiting on the world to change. I keep on waiting...’

The world is always changing. Tomorrow is a big, defining day. Either we collectively say this is not the path we want to continue down, or we say it is. One thing I feel confident in is that we probably will not know if we have a new president and half of us will be really upset in the days, weeks and months to come. Maybe even all of us.

2019 was profound for me. The entire year I felt this urgency that I had to get it together, that something big was coming. I thought it was just that I was turning 50. I kept encouraging my friends, family and students to get ready, it was a strong intuition that would not go away. I started the year off in a business mastermind knowing I needed to go online with what I am sharing. Little did I know, I would be forced there this year. (But my Jyotisha teacher knew…or hinted at it in my readings.)

November 2, 2020 here we are, not waiting. The world has changed. We have changed. I am changed in so many ways, in the ways I see more clearly. Some of my naivete is gone (I am going to miss that…in fact, I already do). However, I refuse to be a cynic.

What has awoken in me is a desire to be proactive. Now, more than ever. We need to use more discernment and be proactive in creating a better world, a better community, a better home, and better individual vessel. Our bodies cannot hand all these contradictions. The contradictions will not go away, and as we can see by the way this year has went, they are only getting bigger and vaster and I believe this is calling us toward growing ourselves into a more resilient, stronger, immune bodymind that can hold all of the contradictions. At least start holding them…we need to grow our awareness bigger and wider so our hearts can hold the narrow viewpoints of both sides, of the either/or this/that perspective. I call this the Both/And perspective.

We are all being called to task today. Mama isn’t happy and she keeps letting us know. Until we start listening and abiding, this will only get louder.

So, what to do?

One small way to grow awareness is by getting in touch with your own innate nature. The nature that was laid out at the precise moment of your birth. At the time of your birth, a set of stars were rising on the eastern horizon that made such a profound impact on you. It is why you are the way you are. Seeing this imprint for yourself an amazing way to align with your nature. And with time, it brings more compassion for everyone, for the contradictions, as it brings more resiliency. More resiliency means more inner peace, contentment, joy…I’ve yet to meet anyone who does not want more of these qualities.

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 Here is John Mayer for some inspiration.

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