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What Do I Love?

Feb 09, 2021

We are in a powerful time where we are "re-cognizing" our innate wisdom. I've been sharing this with my class members over and over and daily it becomes more obvious to me.

Today, the Moon is in Uttara Ashada, meaning the one who achieves the highest victory or the one who demonstrates innumerable skills, gifts and talents. Always victorious, always winning for the highest good of all.

By 10am the Moon will be in the sign of Capricorn making the 7th planet in the sign, a unique and rare stellium of planets.

Capricorn is our highest expressed values in the natural zodiac, as the 10th house...although for each of us, it is any of the 12 houses but it still holds true as a collective that this is about our highest collective values. And Saturn is the big player in this stellium of planets.

Saturn represents discipline, commitment, focus, and rewards us later for staying the course.
Jupiter is opportunity and expansion.
Pluto is the big game changer, change in direction.
Mercury in Retrograde makes us rethink and get back on track.
Sun is who "I" am in all of this here on Earth.
Venus is the 💗 heart of it all and the peacemaker.
And today the Moon arrives. The Moon is here for 2+ days in this stellium configuration.

Moon is our own ability to "re-cognize" what we are being asked to recognize in ourselves. Moon is 7th chakra, our connection to the cosmology, the stars, our soul knowing. And it has a lot to relate to us right now. Listen.

Today, I'm asking you to ponder:
1) What do I love?
2) What will it cost?
3) What is the price I am willing to pay?

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