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An end or a beginning? Deja vu...

Feb 01, 2021

In Jyotisha, also known as Vedic Astrology, or a science of how the light rises in each of us, we have these set periods of time where a certain planet is at the driver's seat and delivering karmic lessons that somewhat redirect us (subtly...or aggressively sometimes) so we gain experience, lessons and knowledge that helps us in fulfilling our life's purpose. These cycles range from 6 to 20 years, depending on the planet. I'm in the last 60 days of a 17-year period and these last days are like a flashback of the last 17 years, as if I'm being asked to see where I came from since 3/29/2004.

Some fun examples are: I came across a bunch of YouTube videos of my favorite yoga of the 00's...this was the timeframe after the leotard-wearing Lilias and before the Lululemon $100 (see-thru) leggings. This was sweatpants-wearing, Marvin Gaye music, fun (and seriously hard) yoga. You might remember Steve Ross and his Inhale program on Oxygen. I loved that program and have some old VHS tapes around here but now I have a YouTube playlist and I'm practicing in the mornings, like it did in the old work days of the 2000's.

Another example: Out of the blue I signed up for a class by my primary yoga teacher where she is teaching a Monday night class on foundational principles of yoga and unity. It is just so out of the blue for me but I'm excited to get to the basics in a new way and dive deeper.

And dreams...oh the dreams. Lots of crazy dreams but the dreams coming to life in my days. Dreaming about people I haven't seen or thought about in years showing up, during quarantine (well, I'm still q'ing). It's wild, y'all. I could share so many more deja vu happenings (but it might freak us both out).

In the past, I'd go through times like this, but I didn't have Jyotisha and this science of light helping me to understand the dynamics of what is happening. Now, I have these elements, symbols that help me to connect the dots, understand this shedding and prepare for this next chapter which starts on 3/29/2021.

Do you have coincidences happening now? There is quite an astrological happening for all of us. If you want to dive in with me, click here to see the many ways we can dive deeper, together:

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