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Thoughts on how karma gets activated

Mar 24, 2021

Today, I've been ruminating about bad things happening. We all have witnessed, are witnessing currently, bad things happening to ourselves, to our family, to our collective humankind. This week seems especially inflammatory for many.

In angst of denial and the search for understanding, we blame guns, and people, and parenting, and drugs, and so on... and while those things may be true, it is a relative truth at best. We should use this anger and fear to guide us collectively to making better laws that provide mental health care, but also for gun regulation that is reasonable (personally I find no solid reason for people to have in their possession some of these massive assault weapons, but that is a personal stance for sure). We agree collectively what is reasonable so we use times like this to reassess and right some errors in past judgement, collectively.

Today, what I'm sharing is more about what is under this surface of relative understanding. At the time of our birth, a natal imprint is pressed upon us...our blueprint. Our core personality, emotional-feeling state, life purpose, patterns and obstacles are this blueprint, our imprint. Also a part of this is a timeline...when certain lessons will show up for us to learn, rectify or reject (also learning). These are seeds of karma, planted, hibernating and awaiting the right conditions. the waiting of this ripening, we are also creating new karma that will also need to enter this cycle. By the way, karma means 'actions' as in something happens and there is an actionable effect, but it isn't necessarily immediate. It may take lifetimes to rectify. And karma is neither bad nor good. Winning the lottery is also karma. Finding your spiritual path is also karma.

This brings me to today's ruminating, karma playing out now. Each of us have this coming at us, at different times, and blaming situations and choices we made. Maybe some of this is true. In Jyotisha Vedic Astrology, we can see how this karma gets activated and it has to do with the long planetary cycle you are in (we have a 120 year cycle as part of each of our lives and we are somewhere in that journey), and the current planetary transits in the sky such as Venus in Pisces. If you are in your Venus planetary period, when Venus moves into the sign of Pisces, it is likely that karma that is under the protection and distribution of Venus will become ripe and you will have a chance to learn and grow, or resist and suffer (thus incurring more karma).

I've really simplified this complex topic in some basic concepts, and I'm also a student in my learning process. The big takeaway I want all of us to know hear today:

1) Everyone is going through something ancient and hidden and many times there is no choice. You just happen to be at the supermarket at the wrong time but that in itself is part of your blueprint. The best bet is not to blame, shame, guilt or should them...let's love them as they are also in their process. (By the way, to love doesn't mean we don't also make new rules.)

2) You can consciously co-participate, grow and evolve and learn more about your own cycles and how to align with them. This is where I can come in and help. This is what I do.

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