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What is the Hidden Intelligence of My Darkness?

Nov 21, 2020

Do you hear that beckoning from the depths? It is asking something of you.

You...yes you (and me, for that matter) are birthing something so precious.

The feminine is the one that births, it is our creative force, it allows, it requires our desires yet to be made manifest to come forward. She is wild and energized and chaotic and confused. In order to show herself, to emerge and come forth, she must learn to hold that wildness. She must expand her capacity to hold the chaos that arises in her body. She must have the stabilizing force holding her, grounding her, cleaving her to earth so she can dive in deep.

Else wise there is a premature delivery of something not ready. Or a termination that ends in something like a shame cycle. A pattern on repeat...but never fear, another opportunity will rise, it always does if it is meant to be here.

Building our capacity is everything. We are being asked to expand our capacity, all of us. The times beg for it. Will you rise up?

If you are birthing something, here are some ways to support yourself:

  • Stability first: This is also basic self care. Take long baths, walks in nature, turn off the (social) media, listen to music, sing, chant, tap into a grounding practice such as mindfulness, meditation, restorative yoga. Do all the things that help you feel safe.
  • Our vibration is affected by the 5 or so people closest to us. Want to raise your vibration? Who are you hanging out with? Drama mamas or wise women? This is serious work and we need sage support, scaffolding that rises us up. Who we hang with while evolving/birthing/creating sets the stage of whether we can build capacity or have to discharge the build up.

I’m not the love and light and peace type of yoga practitioner/teacher. I’m interested in the dark places. I search them out, shine light on them so they can be claimed back. This is the way of the feminine. Nothing else will do for me. Nothing.

Change is inevitable.

My Black Friday deal is my every deal. We are going after what is dark, hidden, exiled and welcoming it back in. Join me.

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