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Interdependence Day for America

Jan 08, 2021

Just like me, you may be asking yourself "How can I offer up my spirituality in a way that serves many: The earth, my family, my friends, my yoga community, those who disagree with me, those who dislike me, those who hate me?"

I can say with certainty, "I don't know." 🙇‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I've been speaking with my friends and mentors and I'm hopeful and heartbroken. But this isn't my first rodeo and I understand quite clearly how heartbroken is the key to resurrection and change.

One big thing I feel is noteworthy of sharing has been this growth cycle that we can look at on the individual and collective level. We are all born as dependent beings...we are dependent, completely, on a caregiver for shelter, nourishment and love. Without those, we will surely die. 

With time, we start walking and talking and becoming co-dependent. We can do some things on our own but we still need the other and we are even attached and hyper-focused on getting our needs met through the other. Yet we are evolving.

Then one day we turn 18-1/2 or thereabout. We are ready to leave the nest and join college, the military, or the workforce. We can vote, our voice matters even if it never mattered within the confines of our familial structure. We are an adult, independent or so we think...most of us are still codependent. However we have a taste of independence and it starts to take root as we evolve, find our sense of self independent of the other. 

But something happens and dysfunction comes in to play in our  life. We have this part of our mind in eastern philosophies we call the Ahamkara, the I-maker. It is where our sense of self abides. Our longitude and latitude...why I respond to the name Jenn and not Jess. I clearly know I am Jenn with my own likes and dislikes, opinions, beliefs. Once the Ahamkara grabs on to this newfound independent awareness it may goes haywire with this knowledge, it starts protecting, even to the death, its newfound newly realized (even decades later) independence.

But...this isn’t the end game. As we continue our growth as individuals, as as a community, and global citizen, maybe even universal citizen, ideally we become aware of and grow into interdependence. Interdependence is a realization and deeper understanding that it isn’t ok for just me to get what I want and for me to be happy, wealthy and loved well, but that it means nothing ultimately unless my brothers and sisters also have access to this. I'm stronger when they are stronger. This is interdependence: Willingly sacrificing some of my wants and desires and 'rights' in order to help others find the same. It creates space for this opportunity for all instead of protecting its own.

Ram Dass brilliantly said “We are all just walking each other home.” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  emphasized “No one is free until we are all free.” 

As a country, a collective, we are in dire times. I liken this to the developmental growth of an individual. We came from dependence to England, the mother and we set sail on ships, landed in America and established co-dependent colonies as we started to evolve into our own sense of self as country which led to a revolution, trials and tribulations and eventually on July 4, 1776 we declared our own independence. Since then, we've continued to gain ego strength, independent wealth and the ability to protect and care for ourselves.

Now more, just barely more, but more of us have evolved to this next place of interdependence. We look at where we are, where we've gone haywire and realize we cannot keep this path. Wellth is becoming more important than individual wealth. Do we all have the opportunity to have our needs met, do we feel cared for, loved, valued? We realize that for us to all truly be free, we all must be free and cared for and loved.

Let’s get on the same page. Some of us are fighting for independence, the status quo, that happened in 1776 when we as a country signed the Declaration of Independence, and slightly more of us have grown up. We’ve moved into that next place and tipped the scale. I declare January 6, 2021 Interdependence Day.

Thank you, Georgia, sweet Georgia, for showing up and declaring this. Thank you, each and every one of you, whatever side you are on and whatever part you play in this grand scheme of awakening, evolving, and growing. We all hurt but it is through this hurt that our hearts will break open, mend and have this ability to be open, expand and ultimately be exalted.

Astrologically, there is support to seeing this dynamic with Pluto entering the great sign of Capricorn. When he was last in Capricorn, it was a few years leading up to 1776, when the declaration of independence was signed. There was a revolution, there were so many challenges and heartbreak. This is a new cycle, another cycle, and as any of us on a spiritually evolving path know, we keep encountering the same lessons, but at a higher octave.

I still don't know what to do. How do I hold my ground, my faith, my trust? It is moment to moment for me. This is only found in the present moment. I suspect the answer is growing my heart big enough to hold the two perspectives even when I have a preference to interdependence. I have to see this like a parent would see their child evolving. It is some sort of right of passage, give it due diligence, know that 1) it has to happen and 2) it has gone haywire. When children go haywire, we have to help them find their center. They don't have the skills to do this on their own. 

I encourage you to find these type of answers through contemplation deep within your inner realm. See it for what it is, don't look away, stand in your own truth, keep doing what is right for you, keep being an example of the world you want. In your wake, maybe some will wake up out of this trance.

There is a specific planetary return that happens when we are 18.5, 37, 55.5 and so on, every 18.5 years where we have this new opportunity to return to the patternings established at our birth. We learn to co-participate with these and I think these are times that are ripe for us to evolve. These are places where we can realign, step into our interdependence with this new spiral happening. This might be up for you this year. If so, I'd love to hear from you and hear how you are evolving.

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