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Grief vs. Love

Aug 04, 2021

I've been spending an hour or more a day generating love to infuse with old memories, situations, people, all of the pandemic, all of the world, and even myself. It's a variation of heart meditation.

In yoga studies, we learn about these energetic clusters called chakras and how they are aligned with certain frequencies. For instance, Love is felt primarily in the heart and radiates out from there, like the suns beams radiate, to warm the body. Love can be felt the same way.

Grief is also felt in the heart and some say it is the trickster of the heart chakra.  While doing this meditation, its become increasingly obvious that Grief feels just the same as Love when any story  associated with it is removed from  the grief storyline. For instance, whenever I think of my brother, there is sensation that is labeled as grief when I think of his passing, when I think of missing him, the challenges of his life. But when I take all of that away and just think of my brother with my attention in my heart, there is only love. Then I think of the story again, and voila...grief.

In the immediate days following his passing, mostly what I felt was like my body was in withdrawal, like when I quit drinking coffee. There is a craving for the thing. My body was acclimated to having him in this earthly realm and then he was not longer part of this physical realm and my physical body missed that (which is strange because we didn't spend much time together as it was, I moved away long ago and we had a very distant relationship). In the year since his passing, I've played with this idea of grief and love and absence so that I could really get clear in my heart which is which.

Which leads me to my practice of late. When I take this process of generating and imbuing love onto any past memory, person or cluster of experiences, the same thing happens. The experience of love for just the object of my attention without a storyline, and an experience of grief (if in the heart) or another negative feeling sensation when somewhere else in the body (like the head produces a different emotion than the belly).

I urge you to try this for yourself. I'm spending 60-90 minutes each day with this practice right now. If you try it, message me and let me know your insights.

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