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A crazy time is upon us

Dec 26, 2020

We knew it was coming. We read the cosmos (the placement of the planets with the stars) and saw it coming, changing, shifting.  We even felt it as foreboding. The indicators only show what potentially is ahead of us. We understand this from watching patterns for millennia and recording them. We learn from the past - these indicators from repeating patterns of the cosmos in our visual sky.

I’ve been sitting with this a lot and contemplating this. It's heavy.

It's like how we understand rain is coming. Or snow. Or summer. Or winter. Or when our season is ripe for tornadoes. There are certain indicators we recognize through many decades and hundreds of years of observing and recording. We know at certain times to take cover. To stay home; stay low. To go inland to protect from the hurricane.

We understand this in Ayurveda. Too much inflammation in our body comes from too much heat. We have to learn to balance the element of fire in our body/mind. The more we ignore this and avoid proper measures, it becomes disease.

Where we are affected the most seems to come from “fault” lines, the weak places we all have, where we need reinforcement. Maybe these are the places designed to “break” when conditions are ripe and preventative measures are not observed. And when we co-participate with these weakened areas in our life, we can ride the wave or deflect the rampant damage.

We are going to see more of this collectively in the weeks to come and through 2021. Things will be destructive and challenging. Now is the time to build your reserves and inner resiliency.

We can see that there is a job ahead of us. 
We can choose (maybe) to attend to what needs attending.
And possibly we can limit the damage, avoid the misery.

See the problem, neutralize/limit the problem, avoid the pain.

Here is one place Jyotisha/Vedic Astrology comes in handy. Do you know where your fault lines are and the potential for increased damage during inclement times? Where do you need to become more resilient for future challenges?

And Ayurveda and Yoga Practices help you become resilient so you can actually do the co-participation that is required to change your patterns. I ask myself this often, "Why do we put our head in the sand, ignore what is obvious and push forward our agenda?" While others choose to co-participate? I think it has to do with nervous system regulation. While some are stuck in the masculine nervous system of activation, doing, fighting for my beliefs, opinions and judgments, others learn to bring in balance by bringing on board the feminine nervous system that supports discernment, seeing both sides and making a decision with more information and not just preferences? 

Restorative practices help with this: Meditation, yoga, being in nature, and Jyotisha by seeing our nature and more specifically what our innate nature is based on the time of our birth, before our culture grabbed a hold of us. Ayurveda helps rectify this in the body.

For instance, if you are dealing with inflammation that is a sign of too much fire in your body/mind. That can range from mild irritation to full blown anger or rage. From itchy skin, hives to full blown active autoimmune flare ups. When astronomically Mars goes gandanta which is a place of fire meeting water, our Earth experiences volcanos, wild fires, double hurricanes etc. And guess what happens in people? Same thing. We become more susceptible to violence like the Nashville bombing. Or domestic verbal or physical violence. Increased inflammation all around.

Our microcosm is a reflection, a mirror, to the macrocosm.

What can we do? 

We can see that there is a job ahead of us. 
We can choose (maybe) to attend to what needs attending.
And possibly we can limit the damage, avoid the misery.

See the problem, neutralize/limit the problem, avoid the pain.

I have a Wisdom Sanctuary, a virtual sanctuary where we meet up. In January, we will be focused on building our inner reserves, becoming more resilient and co-participating with what lies ahead in 2021.

I hope you join!

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